The mountaintop opera

closer to the stars

Évasion, Émotion, Enchantement.

From the ancient Greek theatres to the Pleiades

Many theatres in ancient Greece, such as Taormina in Sicily, were situated on mountainsides, often high up, to take advantage of a natural slope for the seating.

Undoubtedly the performers and spectators alike would have drawn inspiration from the surrounding nature and the Cosmos.

Situated on the Swiss Riviera, Les Pléiades is the perfect site for a mountaintop summer opera festival: a pristine setting, not too high or exposed, with a reliable, environmentally friendly access by a short train journey from Vevey or Blonay.

The Swiss Riviera

An internationally renowned tourist region.

Overlooking the eastern end of Lake Geneva, les Pléiades can be reached easily by train or car from airports in Geneva, Zurich or Milan.

Drawn by a truly unique opera event in a natural Alpine setting, festival goers can take advantage of the Riviera’s many other attractions in between performances.




All aboard for a magical journey

Crédits : Scottish Opera